A fully scientific apporach about dynamics of names and their undeniable impact on our lives!
1-A Name Must be Socially Approvable :-

Our names are summary profiles and they make statements about us to others.  A name may have lots of social prejudices attributed with it, whereas another name may carry an aura of social prestige and privilege around it. We do form an opinion about other person just hearing his name. You may like or dislike other person from his/her name. If you receive online invitation of friendship from two guys named Bruno and Edward. You are more likely to approve the later. An employer while screening through resumes may feel same way and may not feel comfortable about following names.
• Fever Bender
• Lust Garten
• Dinner Ware
• Bread White
• Mayo Head
• Doctor Love
• Gamble Moore
• Maya Buttreeks
• Hugh Jass
• Ivana Tinkle
• Audio Science
• Moxie Crimefighter
• Clover Field
• Beef Cooper
• Emma Royd

  If you hear a name that sounds good,

2- A Name Must Have Pleasant Meanings:-

A name can make you laughter stock because of its meaning or earn you lots of appreciation if means good. Another name could make you object of frown because of its bad meanings. Meanings of the name have both social and inherent value. If your name means bad and people know that it means funny or nasty, you may immediately notice a likewise response ----a mischievous grin or frown. But if people don’t know about the bad meanings of your name, yet your name may negatively influence their perception about you because of its bad vibes.
Mallory means unlucky, unfortunate
Claudia-Lame means crippled
Cecilia means blind
Portia means pig
Desdemona means ill-fated unlucky
Caleb means dog
Casimir means destroyer of peance

3- A Name Must be Spiritually Sound:-

Most important facet of a name is its spiritual side. Our names are more than mere identities in this universe. These are channels through which universe communicates with us and respond to vibrations that our names create each time these are spoken. These vibrations stir up corresponding universal energy. Resulting energy immensely affects us by shaping our thoughts, deeds and finally destiny.  

It is of vital importance that a baby should be given a blessed name. A blessed name sets in motion a system of constructive qualities of intelligence that will be the foundation of your child's personality, thinking patterns, nature and ultimately his destiny. A Blessed Name will provide a natural outlet to creative expression and development of your child's inner purpose as determined by his or her date of birth. Your name determines how you want divine energy to shape your destiny.
One day I was reading a report about noble prize winners and was stuck to see the following astonishing figures.

For the past 100 years, 30% of the winners of the Nobel Prize in medicine have been Jews, while the percentage of Jews in the world's population is 0.3%. These facts are included in a special exhibition featuring Jewish participation in the history of the world of medicine

Chemistry (31 prize winners, 20% of world total, 28% of US total)
Economics (27 prize winners, 42% of world total, 56% of US total)
Literature (13 prize winners, 12% of world total, 27% of US total)
Peace (9 prize winners, 9% of world total, 10% of US total)4
Physics (47 prize winners, 25% of world total, 36% of US total)
Physiology or Medicine (53 prize winners, 27% of world total, 40%          
of US total)
I wanted to know how come studying in same schools, from same teachers and having same facilities Jews outshine rest of their Christian and Muslim counterparts! It took me three years of keen pursuit (of knowing the reasons behind this Jewish collective success) to crack the secret code of their none-second achievements. For that I met my Jews friends, their parents and their religious figures. The secret was very simple. Almost 81 % of Jews make sure that their baby gets a blessed name. It is a science that 100 % Jews believe in. By giving baby a blessed name, Jews make sure that baby explores his taltents to the maximum.

I started learning little known science of naming children with blessed names. The more I learnt it, the more I was convinced about its effectiveness and its undeniable impact on our lives. I wished I had known this science before naming my children. However, yet I changed name of my youngest son who was 5 years old. Just imagine he was behaving differently by next week. His abhor from books was gone. Now he is one of the most brilliant students in schools with lots of acknowledgments and badges.   
My younger sister had never been a fortunate woman. She got good education but all her life, she could not get job according to her education, most of the time she remained jobless. Her health remained always poor. Despite most loving woman I have ever seen, she could not find her true love; whoever came to her life betrayed her. I suggested her to change her name after reading your book, which she did. Within three months of her name-change, her health got improved, she got a good job and a good man has entered in her life. This is really unbelievable.
Popular Baby Names!

Popular baby name may or may not be suitable for your baby. However, probability of its being appropriate for your baby is very low; because popular baby names are not creation of any scientific system. Those are just collection of random names. Discord between your baby’s inborn talents and his name could confuse him/her and ultimately reduce his/her chances of total success. For example, you baby could have born with talents and traits of being a pilot but a popular but misfit baby name could prevent him from being a pilot.
Beautiful Baby Names!

Apparently a beautiful baby name may not be as appropriate for your baby as it sounds. Beautiful baby names usually sound pleasant on ears because of rhythmic flow of letters. Though good sound is very important quality of name but it could be very deceptive for not letting parents look around other qualities of a name. Parents must make sure before choosing a beautiful name for their baby if it is in total harmony with their baby’s inborn talents and capabilities.
Cultural Baby Names!

Every culture has set of unique names that are exclusive to that culture. These names are evolved over the centuries and are very popular in that particular culture. People of that culture develop delusive fixation with those names and rarely bother to look around alternative or appropriate baby names. A cultural baby name may or may not be suitable for your baby. However most of the cultural names lack all the qualities of a blessed baby name.
Religious Baby Names

Like cultural baby names, a religious baby name may or may not be suitable for your baby. Religiously a holy baby name may not be as “holy” for your baby if it does not complement his/ her inborn talents. People have very wrong notion about religious baby names who believe that religious names “per se” are always blessed names.  If a religious name does not augment the inborn talents of your baby, a religious baby name is like an ordinary mismatch name!

Celebrity Baby Names

Naming a baby after name of a celebrity is not a good idea either because it may not necessarily reconcile with your baby’s birth talents. A certain name could be key factor of success for one person but for the other same name could be an unwelcome cause of failure. It is possible that your baby has born with hidden potential to become a great politician, but a misfit celebrity name may end up making him a car mechanic; whereas an ordinary but suitable name for your baby can help him outshine on horizons of politics or become a most successful lawyer.

But How to Select a Baby Name?
You are about to discover amazing secrets of names that have been kept hidden form common people. I  promise you that I will not hide anything from you...........  
Name are our identities in universe. Don't Play With Destiny Of Your Child
by Randomly Naming Him.

As a responsible parent, it is more than your moral obligation to select a good name for your baby because a blessed baby name is the best gift that you could give to your baby. A good name is guaranteed way to success.

How to find Blessed Baby Names?
Well, there is no specific list of blessed names. It is actually a scientific and fully proven system to help you in figuring out a perfect baby name for your baby that will help him/her to live an ideal and successful life. You can choose any name from anywhere and test it if that name is suitable for your baby or not. Blessed Baby Names system will help you in figuring out a name that will help your baby become intelligent, focused, responsible, happy and successful. System of blessed baby names is based on less known science.
Having a Blessed Name your baby can be:-

1-More Intelligent and responsible

2-More happy and fortunate

3-More healthy and robust

4-More successful and victorious

5-More wealthy and rich

6-More spiritual and content

How Names Effect Babies’ Lives

How a Random Name Can Lead to a Confused Life!

Why is a Blessed Name So Important?

Hidden Secrets of Blessed Names!

Why This Science Has Been Kept Hidden?

Why Nobel Prize Winners Have Always Blessed Names!

How to Recognize Your Baby’s Talent and Name Accordingly

How to Figure Out a Blessed Baby Name?

How Blessed Baby Can Change Your Baby’s Life

How to Save Your Baby From Living A Confused Life

How Blessed Baby Name Can Guarantee Success in Life?

How a Changed Name Can Reset Goals

5000 Baby Boy Names

3000 Baby Girl Names

What inspired you to discover blessed baby names science?
Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:-
I am amazed that how this easy science is proving to be so effective in helping me raising my baby. He is just one month old. We had given him  a very poplular name, which perhaps was not a blessed name. Probably that was why he was a weeping infant. No sooner we have changed his name, he has become a sober and smiling baby. This is simply miraculous.  

But it was worth it. I hope he will grow up to our dreams. Thanks a million.
My daughter of 9 years and 4 months had born with emotional problems like peevishness, tantrums and fits of anger.  I took her to doctors and therapists but she could not recover. Four months back I downloaded your book, understood it and gave to my daughter a blessed name. Can you believe, she is no more like that! She has is becoming serene and understanding. Her tantrums are gone. Thank God. My heart often fills up with grateful feelings for you, but I don’t know how to thank you. Blessings!
My name is Sarah Christian. I am expecting my baby next month. I have just bought your book to select a blessed a baby name for my incoming baby. It is boy though. I can optimistically predict that my baby will be a loving, submissive and successful baby because I believe on your system of blessed names. I believe every word written in this book. May God bless you!

Our baby is about to arrive next month. It is baby girl. I was searching a name for her, luckily I reached your website. Your book is wonderful. I am shocked to know how our names shape our destiny but how carelessly we name our babies. I think this book is a must read for every parent. I am so much thankful to God that I have this book.

I wish I had this book before the birth of my eldest son. Now he is 13 years and is little too much for me. I have checked his name with the help of your book. It is not a blessed name that is why he is so obstinate. Next to him is my daughter who is very warm and obedient. I have checked her name makes a blessed name. I am shocked at this truth. I now have given a blessed name to 18 days old baby. I hope he will turn out to be a good guy as per his name.  This knowledge is totally new for me. Thank you so much.
Though, I have never heard of this divine code behind human names; however, after reading your book, I am hundred percent convinced that your knowledge has scientific foundations and that babies should be given blessed names only. I want my son turn out to be a great person in his life, so I have given him a blessed name and pray he lives his blessed name. I feel so grateful for this amazing book. It is a great gift for parents indeed.

I totally believe in divine code of blessed names because my grandfather used to say that baby should be named very carefully, cos our names are our passports in this universe and have enormous effect on our lives. Your book is wonderful account on the subject. It has helped me to give a blessed name to my niece. It is a treasure of precious knowledge that will stay with me all my life. I wish you all the best.
I have always been thinking that I know almost every aspect of human life a little bit. But this eBook has made me feel that I did not know one of the most amazing aspects of human life. Now I believe there must be thousands of facets of life that I do not know about.

I agree word to word with the philosophy of this book and I have named my son with a blessed name. I want him to be successful human being. I believe one day he will for sure be a judge (I want to see him as judge) He has already started showing some gestures. Thanks for the good work.

We have two sons and one daughter. First son and then daughter and then son again. First two children were named without a serious thought but we named the youngest son according to your system. He is two years now. Believe it or not but he is more responsible and sober than the elder brother and sister. If he plays with toys, he plays very carefully. After the play, he decorates the toys back in the rack. He is more loving and caring than others two. Just imagine he is only two years.
I have no words to express my heart-felt thanks.

If you are an expectant mother, you probably would want a book that could help you choose right name for your baby. This is the one. I think this book is an essential tool for all expecting parents. You might have chosen apparently a very beautiful baby name but what if it is not a blessed name. What if your child will have to suffer consequences of an unblessed name? This is what this book will help you with. I love every idea explained in this book. I am convinced that blessed names bring blessings and success. One of the magnificent ideas ever learnt.  
My 8-month pregnant friend and I spent an entire vacation combing for a good name for the coming baby. We choose name ‘Elizabeth’ and we all were okay with it, but not her content. While browsing internet I found your website and emailed a link to my friend. She downloaded your book and was so much happy about this new discovery. She changed her mind and gave newly born baby name “Gwen”. Gwen is now six months old. She is turning out to be really an amazing child. I haven’t seen such a calm and composed baby at this age. 
May god, she always be blessed as per her name. I am happy because my friend says that I have given her best gift of her life.
Dear sir,

I have no words to thank you for this wornderful book. I have quite a few baby names books gifted to me, but "Blessed Baby Names" is best of all.

You can't imagine how happy a mom could be to find a blessed name for her coming baby. I feel myself a "blessed" mom to have this book.

Warmest regards

I just downloaded this lovely eBook and was delighted to browse it as it was not the typical baby name book. It is totally new dimension of names. The auther is fully successful in showing us how some names are blessed whereas others are not and how they shape our destinies. Wonderful work. May God bless you all.

This book is a jewel of a find. It's not exhaustive lists of names that make you cross-eyed after 5 minutes. I hated going through other baby name books. This book convinces you about the divine side of names and teaches you how to select a blessed baby name for your child.

I am a non-fiction writer myself who spends most of my time in library but honestly I have never seen such an excellent book on baby names that throws light on names from every angle and unfolds mysteries of names.

Being a mom to a new born, I was really confused about a choosing proper name. I have had shortlisted 10 very beautiful names. However, most of these names did not turn out to be proper name for my baby according to rules in your book.

My husband wants my son to be a lawyer-politician, so we have named him accordingly.
I hope he lives up to his name.

Regards and prayers

A Happy Mom
"Simply Miraculous"
No Image
"I Don't Know How to Thank You"
"I Believe Every Word"
"Thank You So Much"
"Great Gift For Parents"
"Thankful to God to Have This eBook"
"Treasure of precious knowledge"
"Agree Word to Word"
"My Heart-felt Thanks"
"Magnificent Idea Ever Learnt"
"Best Gift"
"Wonderful Work"
"Excellent Book"
"I Feel Myslef a Blessed Mom"
Which names are blessed baby names?

A blessed name is the one that promises development of brain, personality and ultimately destiny of your baby. It could be any name. You have to figure out by following a very simple system. What you have to do is to know whether the name you are giving your baby is blessed or not. 

Are these blessed names exclusive for Jews only?

No, blessed baby names are not exclusive for Jews only; it is a science that can be utilized by any person on any religion, ethnicity, race or creed. So far this science has exclusively been utilized by Jews only. But now it is open for every human being on the face of earth.

Which names are blessed names, is it a list of blessed names?

There is no specific list of blessed names. Any name can be blessed name for your baby. A blessed name for your brother’s baby may not be that blessed for your baby. You have to utilize my scientific system to figure out which name is blessed for your baby. The other factor that you must bear in mind is what you want you baby to be in future. If you want your baby to become a doctor, it will be different name from the one that will help him in becoming a successful business man / woman

Is it easy to make a blessed baby name?

Yes it is extremely easy to sketching out a blessed name for your baby. I have developed extremely easy system for this purpose. Even a layman can figure out a blessed name for his baby.

Can I change name of my five years boy with a blessed name?

Yes, you can do that anytime and at any stage of life. However, earlier the better it is. Your child will yet have time to make up his deficiencies and catch up with pace of life by taking advantage of new streams of positive energy.

Will a blessed name save my baby from sickness and accidents?

A blessed baby name will ensure safety of your baby from all the major mishaps and major diseases but it does not promise to saving your child from suffering flu and fever because small health problems are part of normal and daily life. Even prophets and saints have not been exception.

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Selecting an appropriate name for your baby is very delicate matter and you must be very careful about giving your baby a good name. Our names, in many ways, are more important than your faces. Before finalising a name for your baby, you must make sure if the selected name is:- 

Socially Approvable

Has Good Meanings

Is Spiritually Sound

A must read for expecting parents, indeed

Cambridge Mag


I feel fully convinced by scientific approach of this eBook!     

rofessor Lord Peter


Every sentence of this eBook is worth millions

  Dr. Julie Barnett


Hidden science of baby names is
no more hidden



If you are about to name a baby and you don't have this eBook, you are at risk of giving your baby an unfortunate name

The Nation


If you are searching for a good book on baby names, Blessed Baby Names is the one!

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A comprehensive book on the topic and an essential for every parent!

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Available For Immediate Download After Purchase
Physician & Researcher
Author of the "blessed baby names "

As good parents, it is your responsibility to protect, feed and educate your baby, like majority of parents do. All parents want to see their children successful in life, but majority of them ignore one of the most important aspect of baby s life that is give him/her a perfect name. A name is like a base on which building stands, stronger the base stronger the building will be.
P.P.S. To be honest with you, I researched and learnt knowledge of names and their impact on our live solely for my own curiosity and benefit as I wanted to give my children good names. After learning this knowledge, I thought it to be dishonesty with both knowledge and people not to convey it to those who really need it. So, I composed a concise eBook and offered to you as less a price as a very ordinary toy for your baby. I guarantee you after reading this book you will wish your parents had this book before naming you. 
P.S. You can help your baby become a doctor, scientist, politician, businessman, engineer, lawyer or statesman by giving him/her a good name. It is your baby's name that will play major role in shaping his/her personality. Our names infuence our lives every second, every minute. A name is going to be your baby’s foremost and primary identity in this universe.  Will you yet like to name him/her without knowing the impact of that name on your baby’s life?
P.P.P.S. Remember this book is not a list or dictionary of baby names like common baby names books are. It is scientific book that proves how names affect in shaping up baby’s lives. It will scientifically advise you how to name your baby so that he/she could live a successful, secure and happy life. It will also advise you if a selected name is good for your baby or not!  
This is the most fantastic baby-name book I've ever read. And I've read it purely for FUN. The truth is my husband and I had our minds made up about Baby #3's name (or, at least, we'd narrowed the selection down considerably), but this book has changed our minds altogether about the selection we have had made. We are impressed to the extent that we have started to think about changing names of elder daughters.

This book has introduced me to spiritual sides of baby names, which is so wonderful to know! I feel myself lucky to have this book. At least I will not have regression that I could not give my baby a blessed name.                                                              

This should be it! The ultimate baby name book and a must read for every parent. I flipped through lots of name books that were merely dictionaries of baby name books. This interesting eBook is going to solve your problem for ever. Solution is simple select a good baby name and test with the help of this book if it is blessed name or not. 

This book gives you an insight on the name if it is good for your baby and or not. It is amazing! I love it and look at it whenever I find some time to sit alone.
By the way, we are expecting at the end of this month.
Recently Received Reviews!

I have never felt compelled to write a review for a book online until I bought this book! I am in the process of naming my third baby. Although I already had six baby name books on my shelf, I was searching baby names online when I landed on this website and saw Blessed Baby Names". I immediately felt I wanted it. I am so glad I bought it. Not only is it a great book for naming your baby but it s extremely interesting to read. This book is so much more than just a list of names, or a dictionary of name meanings. After searching countless baby name websites and my other baby name books I had come across many names I liked well enough to put on my list. After reading this book, I came to realize that many a names on list were totally improper for my baby. Now I know why it is necessary to choose a "blessed" baby name than a glossy name! I love every word of this book. Feel confident in choosing to buy this book! Good luck.

My wife and I are having our first child , and have looked at several name books. Had I read this one first - I would not have bought another book . It is simply one of the superb books I have ever read. However, its value is greater than all.
After months of trying to find a name for their baby my son and his wife finally found something more than what they were looking for when I gave them this book. I recommend it to all those parents who do not know how important is it to give baby a blessed name. I read this book first and then sent it to my son. They are extremely happy and thankful for my gift. They don't make mention of my other gifts at all, whereas they have thanked me ten times for this eBook.
I just love this book. I m pregnant with my third child, and knew that my husband and I would have a hard time agreeing on a name. So, I bought this book because I had heard GREAT things about it. I just love it. It's not your standard book with just lists and lists of names. It introduces you to an entirely new aspect of baby names that will not only amaze you, it will rejoice you too for coming to know how names shape and influence our lives. My husband and I have really enjoyed reading it and feel happy and lucky for having it!
Laurie Reed
Stephanie Wells
Andrew Howes
Rebecca l Carde
Sasha Dirkson
"Fantastic Baby-name Book I have Read"
"A Book of Greater Value Than All Books I Have Read"
"A Must Read For Every Parent"
"Recommended to all Parents"
"I Love Every Word Of This Book "
"Lucky For Having It "
Gloria Smith
Time is Ticking Away Very Fast!
Jason Rivers Brown, a Socialogy professor  and a researcher proves  heavy impact of names on our liyou ves and warns you not to name your baby before Know difference between bad and blessed names; otherwise your baby could suffer bad impact of seemingly beautiful baby name all his/her life. And now he is readly to share his life long reseach on names and their undeniable impact on our lives.
Don't Name Your Baby Before Knowing Difference Between Bad And Blessed Baby Names; Because Name is Your Baby's Future!
"Blessed Baby Names" is equally beneficial for all religions, races and communities
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